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Emotional, Spiritual, Physical

Give your body, mind, and spirit the opportunity to heal

A first-class concierge wellness service comprised of world renowned experts in traditional therapy and alternative healing methods. Each team is designed around the individual with fully customized programs to reset the body, guiding their patients out of the darkness and into the light.

Wellness Coach
Jennifer Schaefer, C.Ht.

 Program Director,

Intuitive Cellular Healer

Dr Elena Bagourdi 

Clinical Psychologist,

Clinical Director

Max Lea

 Crisis Management Expert


Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical bodies are our key to happiness, to our loving relationships, our creative and sexual thriving energy. It’s not hard to connect these three bodies (E S P), all it takes is learning HOW we uniquely communicate. We all have different signals from our body that tell us if we are blocked, in fear, and/or disconnected. We are our own healers, sometimes all we need is guidance to empower us to find our path that is least resistance to change! It takes awareness, patience and faith in ourselves as powerful creators and not victims to our circumstances. When we can live in E S P alignment we are living our best life in our creator mode, empowered and cultivating our lives by overcoming rather than just surviving.

Emotional Body

  • Our story

  • Our belief system

  • Our identities

  • Houses our ego

  • Confidence 

Our Emotional Body is how we view the world we live in. It is every thought we have that creates a feeling and an action, whether it is positive or negative. When you have a negative feeling, you are blocking your Emotional Body. For instance, waking up with a heavy and weighed down feeling represents the start of a negative block stopping us from believing in the new experiences of the day ahead. When we are open and have processed yesterday's experiences, we wake up feeling light and free. This signifies that we are fully open in our emotional body and no longer using past experiences to block the creation of new possibilities in our day. Our emotional body is connected to our ego, which shapes our experiences and feelings within the “outer world.” When we feel happy and content in our Emotional Body, we experience lightness and freedom, allowing us to make uplifting choices. When we are blocked, we are solely focused on the flashlight close to the wall, only seeing a small portion of it. Conversely, when we are more open, we see the “bigger picture”. We believe the emotional body must be cleared and understood before any real spiritual or physical transformational healing can occur.

Spiritual Body

  • Our truth

  • Our vulnerability

  • Intimacy

  • Self-esteem 

Our Spiritual Body has little to do with religion and everything to do with connection to our trust in life, our faith in ourselves, intimacy to connection to our outer world and our vulnerability to our own personal truth. The inner spiritual world also houses our self-esteem because ultimately our self-esteem is built on these layers of being worthy of the world we create, having faith that everything is in perfect order as a “soul choice,” knowing we are good enough to speak our truth and knowing we are lovable and worthy of our connection to life and our relationships. The Spiritual body is our feeling and our heart connector is where we want to create from. Here is where a vision is held for a loving relationship, successful family, adventure with purpose, a vocation we love, etc. Our spiritual, heart connector is where your first transformational experience happens. If our emotional body and our spiritual body are at conflict, desiring different things, we will become stagnant and “stuck in the mud,” unable to understand the “why.” For instance, if our emotional body is hindered by a belief that we cannot have the loving relationship we desire because our mind cannot visualize what that looks like, and we only see dysfunction when we reflect on past relationships, we will struggle to understand the aspirations of our Spiritual Body. The heart is saying, “I desire a relationship that is fulfilling, filled with appreciation, sensuality, romance, travel, etc.” But, the mind is creating every thought that says “it cannot happen.” This may happen due to only experiencing controlling and emotionally abusive relations, starting with your parents. It may also happen due to already experiencing the “perfect” relationship in your youth, believing that we cannot have that innocence again due to the baggage we carry. These are only two reasons, but our mind in shadow can create MANY reasons why you cannot have love. When our mind (emotional body) is blocked, it tends to generate a narrative of scarcity. As a result, our shadow will vie for attention, striving to be at the forefront, reminding us of our fears, doubts, and past experiences that have shaped us. This is our protection mechanism which is now creating from mistrust, lack of power and we are now giving all our attention to our shadow.

Physical Body 

  • Body Feedback Loop

  • Environmental toxins

  • Flexibility

  • Energetic imprints

  • Trauma imprints 

Our Physical Body houses our connection to our wholeness. Every thought (mind), and feelings (heart), runs through our Physical body to “connect” us to create action towards moving forward, to our willpower to create change, as well as integrating “oneness” into our life. Our body houses our Body Feedback Loop that allows us to “know” when we are out of truth, when we are in danger, and when we are unhealthy. It also allows us to absorb feelings such as, love (heart flutters), peace (calmness), and/or stressors (tension), just a few body signals, but our body is constantly communicating our needs and guidance towards healing. Every organ and system houses our Emotional and Spiritual connection or disconnection. Our physical body constantly communicates with us through our feelings in every moment. Are we THRIVING - happy, feeling light on our feet, lots of energy, excitement, etc? Or, are we DEPLETED — tired, heavy weighted, depressed, anxious, in an addiction, etc?

Our mission is to make self-healing a priority

We provide a safe space to guide one’s body, mind, and soul into a higher state of being. The GUIDES make the healing process accessible, maintaining the utmost discretion of our clients with the highest standards of privacy and confidentiality. 

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