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The GUIDES provide everything you need on your road to healing in order to rebuild your life and community in a safe, protected space

Allow The GUIDES to take the weight off your shoulders and put their expertise to work by providing a completely customizable, concierge recovery program, personalized to meet your needs. In most cases, the need for healing is brought on in stressful, tumultuous times - The GUIDES take over the logistics and build out a cohesive treatment plan, integrating traditional and alternative therapies that work best for the patient and their loved ones. Choose your location of choice - we build a team of top professionals in the industry for a healing program and can even send them directly to you. 

After introduction, the level of care is determined. Anything from 24/7 live-in care with sober companions, professional detox team, medical supervisors, holistic activities and adventure guides with a fully packed schedule or simply providing a safe space, away from distractions with experts to help restore/reset the mind, to a minimal weekly televisit is possible. Your journey is yours. We’re here to guide you to the light and provide you with everything you need to reset. 

Scheduling Logistics:
Calendar of The Guides

We curate your experience that would best support your transformation. 

  • Location: House rental, location of your choice.

  • Transportation: Black car service is provided if needed.

  • Time: Typically we suggest a minimum of 30 days, but again, we will build a plan with the patient's commitments and schedule in mind. Upon completion, the individual is able to keep working with the same team indefinitely. 

Additional Offerings:
Singing Bowl Sound Healing
  • Private Retreats: Hosting spiritual retreats at the location of your choice (specialize in San Miguel de Allende, Bali, Morocco and Joshua Tree).

  • Healing Consultations: Oversee established recovery programs and allow our team to shed light to what elements are not benefiting a patient by our intuitive connection.

Why would you need us?
Anyone looking for a “life reset” who is suffering from something causing dis-ease in the body, mind and spirit

In today’s fast-paced world, our bodies grow weak from being overworked, overstressed, and inevitably become rundown. Allow us to guide you back to harmony and find peace with your inner self.


all addictions (drug, alcohol, social media, gambling, sex, etc.), and disorders (bipolar, post-traumatic stress, dissociation, anxiety, sleep, eating, social, narcissistic personality, etc.), suicide prevention, post-surgery recovery, family therapy, grief and loss counseling, depression, OCD, schizophrenia, anger management, weight loss and anything else that might cause dis-ease. 

Sandy Beach

World Renowned Team

The GUIDES build individualized care plans with access to absolutely every type of therapy from internationally recognized healers to enhance the patients’ mind, body, and soul connection. 

Healing treatments include, but not limited to: 

Holding Hands healing

Traditional Methods:

psychiatrists, clinical therapists, physical therapists, medical doctors, nutritionists, private chefs, marriage counselors, drug detox, etc.


Alternative Methods:
neurofeedback, acupuncture, yoga, chiropractor, meditation, herbalist, life coach, recovery guides, sober companions, IV therapies, adventure guides, sound healers, music therapy, art therapy, massage therapy, breathwork, pilates, movement therapy, reiki, physical trainer, etc.

Your package and pricing is tailormade for your healing journey
Every Client has their own needs and ways of healing.
These are a few examples of packages and pricing. 

Package A 

(Based on 30 days)

Package B

(Based on 30 days)

Package C

(Based on 7 days)

Pricing: $75,000-$100,000

Live-in companion 7 days a week Program Director Clinical Director Psychologist/EMDR Trauma Therapy Psychiatry/Psychotherapy Alternative Therapy Medical Director Primary Physician Recovery Coach Orthomolecular Medicine/Functional Medicine Personal Training Nutritional Counseling Chiropractor Massage Body Work Weekly Treatment Team Meetings

Pricing: $25,000-$30,000

Program Director Clinical Director Psychologist Alternative Therapies Bodywork Nutritionist Yoga Weekly Treatment Team Meetings

Pricing: $4,500-$10,000

Program Director Clinical Director One Traditional Therapy Session One Alternative Therapy Session Weekly Treatment Team Meetings. This is an à la cart package.

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